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Dell XPS M1330 Laptop Obituary

Dell XPS M1330

My laptop was pronounced dead three weeks ago. It collapsed at our home after the motherboard crashed and stopped taking a charge. For three years, it dutifully kept all my music, writing and returned search results without judgment.

A little dramatic you might say, but this is the second time I’ve had a laptop die a catastrophic death. Though I protected each laptop with up-to-date anti-virus software, made sure it got defragged every 3-6months and kept it lean as possible with constant disk cleanups, each one died suddenly. Well, now it’s shame on me. Here’s what I learned:

• Back up (often): externals are great, but cloud storage such as Dropbox allows you to access your important files anywhere you have internet access.
(I have a Transcend external. It works on both PCs & Macs.)

• Let go: do I really care about those papers I wrote in freshman English? No. With Netflix, Hulu+, Grooveshark, Spotify etc., you don’t need to buy media.
• Get real: when I bought my last machine I upgraded everything, which is why my laptop gave the impression that I was a gamer. But did I need it? No.

Now I’m searching for a new laptop. The ultra-slim Lenovo U300S looks amazing, but I’m holding out for its chunkier cousin, the Lenovo U300.