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Why Facebook Timeline is Better

Facebook timeline is a better user experience

Facebook made its timeline version available to all users in mid-December 2011. I have had the version for a while now thanks to some great instructions I found online, which has given me an interesting perspective on this whole situation. At first, I responded like many other people, thinking that it was just creepy, but then I began to like it. Here’s why:

  • Room for creativity: one of the best new features is the banner. It’s the first thing noticed and makes it more personal.
  • Dynamic: the old way of displaying information was segmented and boring. If I wanted to see an earlier photo, I’d have to click into my photos and scroll.
  • Tells a story: the timeline captures the story of people’s lives. It’s only creepy because the experience is richer, but the information already existed.

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Why don’t people like it

I hate to be so cliché, but people don’t like change. Psychologically, we are comfortable when we are familiar with things because our brain has to do less work, and less work is good.

With its IPO looming, maybe this is a sign that Facebook is growing up. According to a study commissioned by Mashable, ads are now noticed 63% of the time vs. 43% prior, and more ads noticed means more ad money. Oddly, many company fan pages have yet to switch over.