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Would You Friend Your Unborn Child?

Advertisers in Brazil for condom brand Olla thought they were being creative when they made up Facebook profiles of unborn babies to match some young Brazilian men selected for the campaign. The Olla creative team named the babies after these men such that Alex Melo would be friended by an Alex Melo Jr.  In their “son’s” profile was a link to Olla’s website.


Can you imagine the reaction of a single person upon receiving the friend request from insert name, Jr.? Beyond the fact that Facebook doesn’t allow ad campaigns such as this, it’s plain creepy. As people become better at dodging commercials and blocking out ads, marketers have to find more creative ways to reach their consumers. However, the line between creative and creepy is beginning to fade.

Let’s get real. Your unborn child wouldn’t friend you anyway; that’s completely uncool.