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3 Marketing Trends for Super Bowl Ads 2012

This year, a lot of companies released their ads early and some even went so far as to have its customers vote for their favorite ad to be shown on the big day. With an average of 3.5 millions of dollars behind these ads, it is understandable that companies want to make sure that their ads will actually please the masses, but it may be one reason why I was underwhelmed by the ads this year. Admittedly, I have no one else to blame other than myself for viewing the ads early.

Another thing that advertisers did this year was to include a Shazam logo in many of their creatives. London-based company, Shazam is a smartphone-based, service-provider that takes sound clips, sends it to a centralized database and identifies the source of the clip for the customer, all of which is done through an app interface. This is yet another way for marketers to track ROI, but how many people care enough about an ad that they will Shazam it?

Both Anheuser Bush InBev and Coca-cola featured creatives that progressed in a storyline as the game went on. Coca-cola took it one step further by having the ads reflect the situation of the game with their Giants and Patriot Polar Bears. Though many would argue it was creative, because viewers were used to seeing action packed commercials, many were bored by the dragged out storylines.